Hi I am Kaliova from Fiji. I am a Reader, Writer and a Dreamer. I have a Degree in Economics and Finance and this blog is where I engage my creative side. The blog is where I document my journey through life – what I am doing, thinking, feeling, and very importantly things I am inspired by. In no way am I aspiring to be a life coach or anything complicated and fancy like that, lets get that straight, instead I shall say that I am  someone who is figuring stuffs out and I am sharing all those learnings or releasing it out there to the universe through this blog.

The blog is based on the principle that I don’t preach what I don’t practice or more simpler – I am practising (with as much struggle but with a determination) what I am preaching or blogging about. I try to keep things very simple, simple solutions for us complicated people. Its also therapy for me, sort of, it’s a conversation with you like hearted people of this universe. This is a safe space for me where I hope to grow and also help others grow as well.

This is a Global community, we are Global citizens I am your Global friend and I definitely would enjoy hearing from you so always..always…feel free to share your thoughts.