On Owning and Creating 

After I get a full sense of satisfaction and usefulness from the current things that I own – exhaustingly using it, in all possible ways – than maybe I shall consider accruing other things. If I can make things happen with these little simple things that I own, than I shall have no urgent need for other plain superficial things. I shall not be quantified but I shall work on being confident and qualified. The need to own, postponing life until we own things is a distraction from the great possibilities of all that can be derived from the current things that we are blessed with. I have enough and I am more than enough.

Ego aside, I will simply create because I have this innate sense of wonder that is childlike and believing in all the possibilities. Like the Potter who moulds clay into an elegant pot, engrossed deeply in the activity and being fully engaged in the moment, wandering into the blooming field of spiritual consciousness. 

The fulfillment comes from being able to do something incredible with our very own mortal hands. The heart becomes connected with the hand and together they create warm trails of magic, emanating warm flowery scents. 

Can I write? Should I write? Am I good enough as a writer, a creator or an artist? 

( ….. Silence …. ) 

Think no question, have no answer. 

Simply put pen to paper and keep on writing, be carried the long distance by the rythm of surging thoughts pulsating through our heart and chanelling itself through to our hands, and onto that pen and then flowing in gentle crispy currents onto that paper.

The tools and materials I commit myself to using is drawn from the earth I exist in, always present abundantly around me. It is simple, however what I can create out of it is a work of Art – complicated, unique and thought provoking. It can also be practical with capability of enhancing someone elses life. 

There will always be enough things to write about or create. It’s endless because we continue believing in endless possibilities. Also, very importantly, lets be honest as much as we are earnest. Write as honest as possible so that the story goes on, even after THE END.


‘Elegance of the Hedgehog’ by Muriel Burbery

I finished reading ‘ The Elegance of The Hedgehog’ by Muriel Burbery this afternoon. It was a very dense yet beautiful book in its own special way. The story revolves around a high class Parisian Apartment Building; 7 Rue De Granelle, where all the rich Parisian families live. Well that’s where the 2 characters live and they observe and reflect on the world from there, the book actually documents the deep thoughts of the 2 narrator’s. The 1st narrator is the 54 year old Concierge at 7 Rue De Granelle – Renee, and the second narrator is 12 year old Paloma Jose who is contemplating suicide and is living out her last few days thinking and writing down profound thoughts about the ‘movement of the world’ in her journal.

They are both very intelligent individuals and are also both struggling, fighting some internal demons uniquely their own. They are both reclusive, they spend a lot of their time immersed in inteligent personal engagements like reading of watching culturally significant and thought provoking movies. Their tastes in literature, music, movies and other media is very refined and thus their minds compared to everybody around them is very refined and elevated. However due to their reclusive nature, nobody recognizes their elevated mind and also nobody would pay attention because they are busy with their own ‘monotonous’ lives.

Renee or Maddame Michele strugles with the very defined sense of class that exists. She is of a lower class, she accepts that she is very unattractive, she is poor, lonely and a widow. She works very hard to conceal her intelligence for fear of being judged and also coming out as suspicious by the rich residents of 7 Rue De Granelle. So throughout the book we see her accepting her fate and living through it and then some turn of events changes that for her. This is where ‘The Secret’ comes in, whatever thoughts you put out into the Universe, you end up receiving. 

Paloma Jose, the 12 year old strugles with her family. Her sister is very pretentious and irritating, she is highly dramatic with a serious case of OCD. Her father is a government minister and her mother an educated woman however complicated and depressed. She spends most of her time visiting the Psychiatrist and tending to her houseplants. She loaths them and thinks that all they do is very futile.

These 2 main narrators really had some deep thoughts and when I say deep I mean ‘ Can you keep up’ deep sort of thoughts. It’s basically them juggling and meditating on life. One event is dissected from different angles and a variety of emotions comes and goes as we do when we are deeply thinking of something. It’s basically like their journal and like how a journal is written; it’s a series of thoughts reckless thrown into paper in the natural exact order that it happens and we validate those thoughts by backing it up with words and ideas of other great thinkers, artists and leaders who’s point of view we respect and are influenced by. That’s what happened in this book and it was difficult to keep up with, at times frustrating – like I was thinking to myself, ‘ Oh just get out of your seats and run outside for awhile, it might do you some good.’

I learnt that if you feel like an island of your own  in terms of your interests areas, you should reach out and try to find others who have similar tastes as you. You can do that through Social Media. It’s always a good thing to find others who we can have very engaging and stimulating conversations with. I became more interested in reading Tolstoys – Anna Karenina after reading this book. I know how significant it is in the world of literature but I havent read it. But I have watched the movie and I loved it, I love the great underlying theme in it and I related to it. Renee talks about Levin in the book, how he was running his scythe in the wheat fields under the hot sun and his hand was strained and it ached and all that discomfort vanished after having repeated the task for awhile. For me that was significant, it highlighted that after discomfort is endured for quite awhile, we can find a little bit of peace and serenity. Or we can become as fluid and have that elegant essence of a river. Also this book renewed my love for Cats and Japan. Like I wanna learn about Japan, the culture, the places, the people, the art and the history. It brough my childhood Japan fascination back. I am also even planing on having myself a gold fish and a Bonsai tree like I always dreamed of having. 

This book shows that we should never judge people by their occupation or how they live. People can be more complicated then they seem to be. It also taugt ne that it is very important for us to hold our fort of intelligence and passion even when we are in the most unlikely of places that may seem like it’s not conducive for that sort of thinking, that passion or that interest to grow. It’s all in the mind, our life is majority of the time determined by our ‘state of mind’, so what’s very crucial is that we control, grow and preserve that state of mind. You are worth it, I am worth it, we are all worth it. 

Thanks for reading ☺

Overcoming the fear of them 

Grow up and grow out of that fear. Grow out of that idea that you were done wrong by them and that they have some sort of superiority over you; making you embarrassed, ashamed and running for cover. Uproot that belief from within you that they are the centre of the universe and you are a biggest failure for being cast out of their universe. 

You are more than that. The fact that you are a dreamer means that you are inteligent, talented, unique and you have a great deal to contribute to the whole wide world. Maybe you weren’t the ideal person for them and their small mediocre minds but then so what, it really doesnt matter, because it is fish shit in comparison to all the great things that is yet to be unleased from deep within you. Believe in yourself and believe in other dreamers potential too. Respect yourself and respect the ones that love and respect you too. Devote your time, love and energy to your tribe instead of being made to feel inferior from those who left an ugly dent on your life. 

Next time you walk past them, make sure they see you. Show them elegance and flow past them like a river. Let them know that you are on your way. Cheer up and celebrate for you are always at the absolute loving centre of this Universe. 

Looking Down and Just Creating

We need to look down more and just do the work. Look around less, instead consistently create something of value. Exist more in our own world and create magic out of the air and the surroundings in that world. Draw more from deep within us, despite all the back aches, continue drawing until it is overflowing. 

‘A Fortunate Life’ by A.B Facey 

I loved this book, it is a humble book of great substance. The writers cool narrative voice makes it a positive and a feel good book despite the many adversities he encountered in his life accounted for in this book. After reading the book I will say that indeed the author had a very fortunate life but it had nothing to do with a fortunate upbringing, quite the opposite as he was born to a life of hardship in the blistering and ravaging outback Australia back in the settlers days. So it had nothing to do with being born to great wealth, achieving material success or attaining high position in society. It was his positive attitude, resilience, honesty and hardwork that kept him standing firm on the ground through all adversities that he had to endure in his life.

This is a book I feel that one must read when you need inspiration on how to turn the negatives into positive, or the times when we are feeling less greatful for things around us, or maybe if we need assuarance that indeed it is not that easy but its not that bad either. Also if you are contemplating starting a new life in the country side (or even if you are just visiting your relatives in the country) then you should consider reading this book as it will make your life there much more bearable and interesting. 

I live in the country – sort of – here in Fiji, which is an added reason why I loved this book so much. During dinner times I would enthusiastically talk about all that I read in the book and suggest ways to improve how we look after the livestock and our crops. Also mainly the discussion is based on what is possible with honest hard work. We have a lot of farmers here in Fiji but just not many are working smart  and thinking outside the box, like – ‘this is how it is now but then we can do something new, much more efficient and better’. Farmers here also accept their fate and sometimes just give up during hard times whereas farmers like Mr Facey always kept on renewing their efforts and moving forward. The man is a really talented one. Everything he did, he succeeded at. He turned straw into gold – metaphorically obviously – and that’s how his life was. Making the good out of the bad, keeping on moving forward.

The writing style. I don’t think it’s important to critically analyse the style of writing in a book too much. Nor can I do that because I am not a professional book critic and I never took English and Literature as a major in University. I feel that every writer has a unique style and when reading somebodys work, the first few chapters should be about trying to adapt ourselves to it, getting the hang of it – so we can just enjoy the ride comfortably. Reading a book is like going on this special adventure, the begining is often difficult and all about learning new things and adjusting. Within the journey it is life with all it’s strength, vigor and colour. The end  of the adventure make us start realising, lessons and the feeling of that tangy ‘departure pangs.’  That’s how you know it’s a good book and we keep it in our memories. The great thing about a book is that you can always start the adventure over again. 

This book is a classic memoir and it is the authors account of his entire life – an interesting life it was. It began with his father dying, his mother living for the city with his 2 older brothers for work. She only took with her the ones who could make money. She was a bit obsessed with money and abandoned the young ones including Mr Facey – who couldn’t earn money – with their grandparents. How can a person be so heartless and such a user as she was, and a mother too at that – I don’t know. She used her own children for gaining money. She was a lover of money, apparently that’s the only thing that mattered to her.

The grandparents nevertheless were great people. At an age where they should have been taking it slow, only taking care of each other, they had to take in their grandchildren and worry about putting food on the table for them. They didn’t complain though, they loved their grandchildren and did the best for them. They were a hardworking couple and obviously very resilient. Times was not easy and they had to do a lot of physical work and odd jobs to make ends meet. Life got harder, and grandfather dies, but life kept on moving forward with the strength of the great woman, his grandmother was. She was a good hearted woman and very strong. She represented all the great loving mother’s of the world who keep in forging forward, putting their loved ones first and creating a comfortable home. 

They all moved to his Aunty’s (Mr Faceys Mothers sister) house which became home for the family permanently. During those days a lot of people were starting out life in Australia and incentives were given for people to work the land. People had to start from scratch, building a home, gathering livestock and planting crops. It was in the good old days of physical labour. Mr Facey from an early age had to work. He started living with other families as their ‘boy’ and had to work for them.

Living and working for other people was difficult – as is always the case. Mr Facey had a hard time in the begining and had some scarring experiences but it also built his character up. He was naturally a good, honest and hardworking person and that I believe sustained him all through out his adult life. He encountered bad people who were out to prey on his young inexperienced life but then there were also the good people and their act of kindness and generosity – really filled my heart with warmth. Mr Facey from a young age worked a lot of odd jobs and he consistently worked hard all through those jobs

I learned a lot interesting things, like outback life and it inspired me the level of orgnization and hardwork that was involved in building a life in the outback. I loved the story about droving – transporting 1000+ cattles from 1 corner of the country into the other – and how the whole thing is carried out. 

I also learnt important lessons like how we should not tolerate being mistreated for so long. If we feel that something is wrong than indeed something is wrong. First strike, second strike, third strike and you leave. Don’t wait for when you are scarred for life and then you limp off to safety. 

I also learnt about the interesting affair that was the war. Things other human beings had to put themselves through and how it didn’t make sense the whole thing, why did people have to go and die, fighting in a foreign country. So many productive and youthful life wasted in battle. It fascinated me the gallantry displayed by the soldiers, the bravery and the compassion that they extended to one another. I was born many years after this great wars and I grew up in a country sheltered from this human disasters so the war has always been a foreign concept to me. I associated the cruelty and horrific events that heroes endured to be only things that occurs in movies but not in real life. With this book I realized how very real it was and that it did happen and people had to go through such things and I have deep admiration and respect for them now after reading this book. I am even interested in learning more about the war, read books on how the war was like from other people who have been through it.

I really liked Mr Faceys general attitude towards life and I learnt that we should accept life in it’s full package, embracing all the challenges and problems that comes with it. A true measure of a person is how they push forth, hacking their way through all the adversaties of life. I also realized why one should never burn bridges but instead try to be kind to everybody because you never know when you might be in desperate need of the same person’s help and that person just might pull us out. As human being we are interconnected and very dependent on one another, so we need to humbly accept that and spread goodwill towards everyone. 

Another very important lesson is that when you need something, you have to go out and actively look for it. Whether it is looking for a job, seeking inspiration for your latest project, looking for start up capital- whatever it is; seek and you shall find. That’s what Mr Facey did well in his life and that’s why he was fortunate because he went out and seeked a fortunate life. 

I really liked this book and I am glad I stuck with reading it completely because it did add value to my life. I could go on and on about it. Every now and then I still make references to things I read in the book as my supporting fact or an interesting fact to note during discussions with my family and friends. I
t’s really bitter sweet having to end the book and I just realized how much I love reading. I am such an amateur in writing reviews and even reading but I keep in trying and so far it’s been so good. 

Wandering Alone 

​I have developed this special fondness and yearning for wandering out alone more by myself without the company of someone else. To just have a day off and quietly be by myself, going to places on my own and sitting alone amongst random unfamiliar people.To find the greatest pleasure and meaning from being on my own, wandering through the world observantly with an open heart and an open mind. To just mind my own business and be immersed in doing my own thing.

This yearning of mine to wander out alone more is rooted from my resolution to make this year be an Eat.Pray.Love sort of year for me. I had visions of having smaller – yet still romantic adventures – like Liz Gilbert did and I wrote down that desire to do so. It stuck there till now few months later where out of the blue I started acting according to that desire whose seed was sowed months ago.

Also at the begining of this year I found myself a bit too dependent on my friends for my happiness. I discovered that the times when they didn’t turn up or had other plans I would feel unhappy and alone. I was restless and I craved constant interaction with other lovely people whose company I enjoyed so much. All the while I would be neglecting my family when I was enthusiastically making plans and hanging out with friends. 

Just when I thought I was having the time of my life being very comfortable and being myself around great people that I realized I was missing out on something important; the beauty of being all by myself. It took some hard lessons for me to realize that the affection, joy and comfort is in greater proportion available within me. My happiness doesn’t depend on other people and I can be very happy wandering through the world on my own.

Going on small adventures on our own has this upside of being fuss free and not requiring much planning, scheduling or rain checking. We act and do as we please; when the need arises. Oh and the fact that we dont have to speak except maybe to the waiter, the attendant, sales person or the receptionist. And I feel that not having to speak after a long week of being surrounded by people is regenerative – somehow. 

Its how we perceive things, some people would see it as a weird, pitiable and lonely for someone to be doing things on their own without companions however on the contrary I actually find it very romantic and sexy. It is a mark of confidence, independence and sophistication.

Wandering out alone into the world, away from the noise and familiar faces in our life is freedom. To walk through the crowd without being noticed for who you are and where you are from, to walk around slowly, comfortably without a care in the world is such an elegant experince. And we never know who or what we may come across. We may have the best and most stimulating conversation with some lovely stranger or we may discover something interesting and inspirational. 

Hopefully next time I go out Ill be more braver to read a book or pull out the laptop and start typing away some interesting story. It’s just not a usual sight locally and it’s going to be a bit of a scene that draws onlookers which I don’t want in my reclusive days where I seek to be invisible and free. I also feel good about the great stories that could come out of it. 

Having reclusive weekends is also important for me as a writer. I need to move out of my comfort familiar zone and move out into areas that sparks my curiousity and interest that I hope  would reinvigorate my writing. Importantly where there is the least distraction. However I am greatful for the majority of the other days where I am surrounded by people who bring so much warmth, happiness, great memories and laughter into my life.

24 Ways To Be Less Disappointed With Myself

​As I turn 24 today I decided to personally launch 24 goals that should help me be less disappointed with myself. To be the bestest version of myself for my own personal satisfaction. It is sort of based on my ultimate model of an accomplished young person which is based on 2 fast talking, higly intelligent, driven and baddass TV characters that I am obsessed over – Luca Quin of the TV series, THE GOOD WIFE (& then later on in the spin-off show THE GOOD FIGHT) and Olivia Munns character in THE NEWSROOM – Sloan Sabbith.

Here are my 24 personal goals for my 24th year in this great big world:

1. Better time management

2. Serious and disciplined savings

3. Invest in assets and things that yields returns. 

4. Be more disciplined. 

5. Be more organised like Marie Kondo. 

6. Learn how to cook like Nigella. 

7. Upskill and learn new important skills like – statistics, graphic design, driving, maths, writing or programming. If it is necessary than you must have it.

8. Strive for quality

9. Be the brightest

10. Be multifaceted like Elon Musk, Seth MacFarlane, Beyoncé and Charles Dickens. Work on the slashes (singer/actress or economist/writer/entrepreneur) 

11. Be a professional

12. Be resilient

13. Less attitude problem

14. Less complaining – more problem solving

I5. Individuality and Confidence – fashion

16.  Be cool, calm, composed and elegant like Charlize Theron and Beyoncé

17. “Stay graceful, best revenge is your paper,” – Get more papers. 

18. Humility (always)

19. Giving back

20. Focus

21. Always go prepared.

22. Drink coffee

23.Exercise or Meditate or Yoga.

24. Be tenacious; get things done. Pursue life goals and dreams like a motherf#$!#.