We the ​Young People: Develop our Own Vision and Consider Earning our Own Money 

I believe that money is important, as a matter of fact I will shamelessly say that it is the most important. Its all about the money! If we have no money, we dont get to eat and we are unable to pay our dues to those who matter and attain the essential things that matter. We also loose social significance – screw social significance and standards anyways – a dumb superficial thing that gives us a distorted perception of life, twisting us to contorted shapes thats aesthetically pleasing but unfulfilling.

Okay. Yes. Everybody knows that – ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ For this concern, a constant monitoring of our intention should be in place. Our life should never be governed by superficial things or the quest for it. Thats the evil part. If we are instead driven by a personal vision for the greater good we shall avoid falling into the wayside where arrogant fools fall in that selfish pursuit for money. 

A purpose driven life is important. What is your vision? What do we see lacking in the world around us? How can we improve things for this generation and the ones to come? Lets focus on that. Through all of our travails on the flimsy path towards success and happiness, that vision shall be our light that guides us and through constant effort we make it brighter and brighter and its reach eventually, wider and wider. But first we got to equip ourselves, accumulate the pieces of embers to light up that small fire within us and keep it alight. 

Money matters. Lets earn our money and spend it wisely as a mean of safety, support and growth. Get some money – clean money, hard and honestly earned money. Often its those with money who are telling us the young ones without money to stave off the need for it and instead devote our time in pursuit of a common good or a common goal for another entity that doesnt always have our best interest at heart. Its where we are made to devote our lives running around, stressed, dissatisfied, going with the flow, compromising and settling.

Through all of this, a towering cloud of confussion follows us as we make sense of our place in all of this noise. We are living just another meaningless, predetermined life, unexcited of waking up in the morning and taking for granted the greatest gift that is life. After enduring and the clouds depart, we find ourselves a part of their grander plan that is not ours – our life has been designed. But we are born free and always have the power and freedom to design it ourselves, to our own liking. 

At the outset we young people should think of how to earn money, doing not only what we are good at, but also doing what we love as a strategic and sustainable mean of getting money. I would prefer that I am engaged in something that brings me return on my time, bringing me joy and also – very importantly – getting me closer to my vision rather than fulfilling someone else’s vision.

Again I will reiterate, and I feel the great need to, that social standards and expectations are not real, yes they govern certain aspects of our lives but they are nothing more than just a common set of imagined rules with an insignificant outcome. They are simply there to stifle a persons progression and also that of society as a whole. It prevents an individual from fully expressing themselves and pursuing a life to their fullest representation. Having young people become guilt tripped and morally dictated to pursue someone elses idea of a sustainable world is unsustainable if the young one doesnt share the same vision or even have a vision for themself, without any sense of awareness of what future they are aspiring for. 

Stop pursuing a vision for others, create one for yourself and pursue that. Lets not allow ourselves to propped up as a token or be used in any other way. The most productive use of our time as young people is looking for that personal vision which we can confidently work relentlessly hard towards. 

If you see a world where flying cars is the main mode of transportation, by all means stubbornly pursue that. If you believe that your beloved hometown in the middle of nowhere will become the next Silicone valley of opportunities – for the love of your people make it happen!! If you feel you have a solution to erradicate poverty and homelessness around the world – look forward and run your own race towards that vision. We can do whatever we want, practical or impractical, new or old, rational or irrational, possible or impossible – as long as it is trully our own. So lets find our own cause and pursue that. Let us not be distracted or be fooled. Lets rise up, make ourselves some money, while confidently paving our own path in life. 


‘A Fortunate Life’ by A.B Facey 

I loved this book, it is a humble book of great substance. The writers cool narrative voice makes it a positive and a feel good book despite the many adversities he encountered in his life accounted for in this book. After reading the book I will say that indeed the author had a very fortunate life but it had nothing to do with a fortunate upbringing, quite the opposite as he was born to a life of hardship in the blistering and ravaging outback Australia back in the settlers days. So it had nothing to do with being born to great wealth, achieving material success or attaining high position in society. It was his positive attitude, resilience, honesty and hardwork that kept him standing firm on the ground through all adversities that he had to endure in his life.

This is a book I feel that one must read when you need inspiration on how to turn the negatives into positive, or the times when we are feeling less greatful for things around us, or maybe if we need assuarance that indeed it is not that easy but its not that bad either. Also if you are contemplating starting a new life in the country side (or even if you are just visiting your relatives in the country) then you should consider reading this book as it will make your life there much more bearable and interesting. 

I live in the country – sort of – here in Fiji, which is an added reason why I loved this book so much. During dinner times I would enthusiastically talk about all that I read in the book and suggest ways to improve how we look after the livestock and our crops. Also mainly the discussion is based on what is possible with honest hard work. We have a lot of farmers here in Fiji but just not many are working smart  and thinking outside the box, like – ‘this is how it is now but then we can do something new, much more efficient and better’. Farmers here also accept their fate and sometimes just give up during hard times whereas farmers like Mr Facey always kept on renewing their efforts and moving forward. The man is a really talented one. Everything he did, he succeeded at. He turned straw into gold – metaphorically obviously – and that’s how his life was. Making the good out of the bad, keeping on moving forward.

The writing style. I don’t think it’s important to critically analyse the style of writing in a book too much. Nor can I do that because I am not a professional book critic and I never took English and Literature as a major in University. I feel that every writer has a unique style and when reading somebodys work, the first few chapters should be about trying to adapt ourselves to it, getting the hang of it – so we can just enjoy the ride comfortably. Reading a book is like going on this special adventure, the begining is often difficult and all about learning new things and adjusting. Within the journey it is life with all it’s strength, vigor and colour. The end  of the adventure make us start realising, lessons and the feeling of that tangy ‘departure pangs.’  That’s how you know it’s a good book and we keep it in our memories. The great thing about a book is that you can always start the adventure over again. 

This book is a classic memoir and it is the authors account of his entire life – an interesting life it was. It began with his father dying, his mother living for the city with his 2 older brothers for work. She only took with her the ones who could make money. She was a bit obsessed with money and abandoned the young ones including Mr Facey – who couldn’t earn money – with their grandparents. How can a person be so heartless and such a user as she was, and a mother too at that – I don’t know. She used her own children for gaining money. She was a lover of money, apparently that’s the only thing that mattered to her.

The grandparents nevertheless were great people. At an age where they should have been taking it slow, only taking care of each other, they had to take in their grandchildren and worry about putting food on the table for them. They didn’t complain though, they loved their grandchildren and did the best for them. They were a hardworking couple and obviously very resilient. Times was not easy and they had to do a lot of physical work and odd jobs to make ends meet. Life got harder, and grandfather dies, but life kept on moving forward with the strength of the great woman, his grandmother was. She was a good hearted woman and very strong. She represented all the great loving mother’s of the world who keep in forging forward, putting their loved ones first and creating a comfortable home. 

They all moved to his Aunty’s (Mr Faceys Mothers sister) house which became home for the family permanently. During those days a lot of people were starting out life in Australia and incentives were given for people to work the land. People had to start from scratch, building a home, gathering livestock and planting crops. It was in the good old days of physical labour. Mr Facey from an early age had to work. He started living with other families as their ‘boy’ and had to work for them.

Living and working for other people was difficult – as is always the case. Mr Facey had a hard time in the begining and had some scarring experiences but it also built his character up. He was naturally a good, honest and hardworking person and that I believe sustained him all through out his adult life. He encountered bad people who were out to prey on his young inexperienced life but then there were also the good people and their act of kindness and generosity – really filled my heart with warmth. Mr Facey from a young age worked a lot of odd jobs and he consistently worked hard all through those jobs

I learned a lot interesting things, like outback life and it inspired me the level of orgnization and hardwork that was involved in building a life in the outback. I loved the story about droving – transporting 1000+ cattles from 1 corner of the country into the other – and how the whole thing is carried out. 

I also learnt important lessons like how we should not tolerate being mistreated for so long. If we feel that something is wrong than indeed something is wrong. First strike, second strike, third strike and you leave. Don’t wait for when you are scarred for life and then you limp off to safety. 

I also learnt about the interesting affair that was the war. Things other human beings had to put themselves through and how it didn’t make sense the whole thing, why did people have to go and die, fighting in a foreign country. So many productive and youthful life wasted in battle. It fascinated me the gallantry displayed by the soldiers, the bravery and the compassion that they extended to one another. I was born many years after this great wars and I grew up in a country sheltered from this human disasters so the war has always been a foreign concept to me. I associated the cruelty and horrific events that heroes endured to be only things that occurs in movies but not in real life. With this book I realized how very real it was and that it did happen and people had to go through such things and I have deep admiration and respect for them now after reading this book. I am even interested in learning more about the war, read books on how the war was like from other people who have been through it.

I really liked Mr Faceys general attitude towards life and I learnt that we should accept life in it’s full package, embracing all the challenges and problems that comes with it. A true measure of a person is how they push forth, hacking their way through all the adversaties of life. I also realized why one should never burn bridges but instead try to be kind to everybody because you never know when you might be in desperate need of the same person’s help and that person just might pull us out. As human being we are interconnected and very dependent on one another, so we need to humbly accept that and spread goodwill towards everyone. 

Another very important lesson is that when you need something, you have to go out and actively look for it. Whether it is looking for a job, seeking inspiration for your latest project, looking for start up capital- whatever it is; seek and you shall find. That’s what Mr Facey did well in his life and that’s why he was fortunate because he went out and seeked a fortunate life. 

I really liked this book and I am glad I stuck with reading it completely because it did add value to my life. I could go on and on about it. Every now and then I still make references to things I read in the book as my supporting fact or an interesting fact to note during discussions with my family and friends. I
t’s really bitter sweet having to end the book and I just realized how much I love reading. I am such an amateur in writing reviews and even reading but I keep in trying and so far it’s been so good.